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征稿||《气候变化研究进展》英文版专刊:Green Finance and Low-Carbon Economy

Guest Editors:

Mi?Zhi-Fu,?University College London,


Chang?Dong-Feng,?Shandong University,


D'Maris Coffman,?University College London,





Deadline for manuscript submissions is 31st?January 2020.

Serious climate change and environmental issues have been threatening sustainable development. Low-carbon economy is a new mode of economic development (high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution, and low emission) in response to global climate change which is different from the traditional pattern. Shifting to low-carbon economy could bring benefits for both developing and developed countries. Many countries or regions are designing and implementing low-carbon strategies and policies which aim to reduce carbon emissions while achieving socio-economic development goals.

Green finance is an important approach for low-carbon development, which integrates environmental impacts into risk assessments or uses environmental incentives to drive business decisions, thereby linking the financial industry, environmental improvement and economic growth. Green finance recognizes the value of the environment and its natural capital and seeks to improve the human well-being and social equity while reducing environmental risks and improving the ecological integrity.

This special issue on?Advances in Climate Change Research?aims to highlight recent advances in the field and provide a forum for informing policies to promote sustainable development. We therefore invite high quality research submissions covering some key topics.

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